About Us

Who We Are

Tender Essentials was founded by a loving couple who had a compassion towards helping others cherish love and friendship through meaningful jewelry.

We had sought to purchase telling jewelry when a close friend had gotten married a few years ago, but found the choices online limited or questionable in quality. This is when we decided to open Tender Essentials and offer beautiful solutions to meaningful crossroads in life. Our mission is to bring you only the very best in name brands and quality, and never to compromise your eternal bond with a partner by offering anything but the best value. We vet each and every one of our suppliers to ensure a quality we will always be proud to stand behind--and one which we hope will exceed your every expectation.

What We Do

We understand the joy one goes through when we find that perfect partner in life. We've gone through the joy, we understand the joy that is involved and how it can direct you towards an emotional and spiritual journey. We want to help create an anchor to hold onto while you are on a journey of discovery. For those reasons, we decided to start Tender Essentials, to help bond souls by offering high quality wedding and meaningful jewelry, a solid lifetime warranty, and other resources such as social groups to provide you with a community going through a similar event as you are.

Our goal is to help bond you closer to your spiritual partner by keeping a memento dedicated to them on your person

Although we currently only sell wedding jewelry and mementos, we plan to extend our line into affordable trinkets and statues to help expand the many ways you can cherish your ideals or soulmate.

We guarantee your happiness with all of our products, if that is not met please contact us so that we can do our best to fix it.


Thanks for visiting us today!

The Tender Essentials Team