What is Bridal or Friendship Jewelry?

Friendship jewelry might bring to mind colorful bracelets made of small strands of strings from years long past. However, friendship jewelry can also be something that acts as a gift from one person to another to show the recipient how much the giver cares for them. There doesn’t have to be a special occasion to give out friendship jewelry, although there often is.


A bride who is preparing for a wedding will have jewelry of her own, including a wedding ring, an engagement ring, and possibly earrings, bracelets, or necklaces. However, many brides also offer gifts to their wedding party, and sometimes that comes in the form of jewelry. This is an excellent example of how friendship jewelry is still appropriate in various situations, even as an adult.

Bridesmaid and Friendship Jewelry


Choosing dresses for your bridesmaid may have taken a lot of effort, especially when every person has a different body type, set of preferences, and favorite color. Even if you’ve made it through the process, that doesn’t mean your work is done. You still need to choose gifts for your bridesmaids, and a standard option is jewelry. Since the bridesmaids have been with you through thick and thin with you while planning the wedding, you want to make sure that your gifts are something that brings them joy.

Dress Style and Jewelry Considerations


One of the things to consider when buying jewelry for bridesmaids is what sort of gowns they will be wearing. Just as you needed to consider several things when choosing jewelry that matches your own wedding dress, you’ll have to do the same for the jewelry for your bridesmaids when the big day comes. So let’s talk about gowns and how they affect your decision.


V-Neck Bridesmaid Dresses


If your wedding is in the spring, V-neck dresses are popular. Accessorizing these dresses can be done with elegant pieces that impart a bit of personality. Since this dress has its focal point at the neckline, the necklaces chosen are going to be the most essential pieces of jewelry. Rather than going with a chunky necklace, consider something that is more subtle that shows off the dress. A small necklace with a thin chain is an excellent option for this dress style.


Strapless and Sweetheart Gowns at Weddings


With summer weddings, strapless dresses come into favor. Since even the nights can be warm, these are the most comfortable gowns. If this is what your bridesmaids will be wearing, think about classic jewelry. This might mean something as simple as stud earrings paired with a chunky necklace. For a gown without straps, you’ll want to be sure that the necklace makes a huge statement. It can also complement the dress itself. The combination of a large necklace with small earrings keeps the jewelry looking great without being overwhelming.


Bridesmaid Halter Dresses


One of the things that makes a halter gown unique is that it doesn’t have to incorporate jewelry at all. The neckline already has a range of straps, so there isn’t a need for a necklace. Adding a necklace can even distract from how nice the gowns look on their own. Rather than worrying about necklaces, focus on having the right earrings for your bridesmaids. We recommend going with a dangling set of earrings since it makes up for the fact that there is no necklace but without taking eyes away from the dress itself.


One-Shoulder Gowns at Weddings


Are your bridesmaids going to be attired in one-shoulder gowns? If so, there’s a simple answer: chandelier earrings. Like a halter dress, a one-shoulder gown doesn’t need an intricate necklace, so the earrings will be the main piece of jewelry. If you aren’t sure what kind of earrings are best with this type of gown, find something bright and playful that works off the traditional chandelier earring design.

Choosing Between Matching and Individual Jewelry Sets


Some brides like their bridesmaids to wear the same jewelry, while others think that distinctive jewelry for each woman is the better option. It’s really a matter of taste for the bride as well as the bridesmaids. There’s no tradition to worry about, so go with what feels right to you. If you aren’t worried about everyone matching, your jewelry gifts could be different to match each bridesmaid’s style.


You can always choose a single jewelry piece that matches like a pendant necklace or a ring and mix things up from there. Whatever fits your vision of the day is what you should go with. It can be a gift to them, even if you plan to offer them other gifts for all their hard work.

Watch Out for Contrasting Colors and Metals


Just as you don’t want too many colors going on with a dress, you also don’t want your bridesmaids or friends in several colors of jewelry. The same applies to the metals; try not to go overboard as it can create clashing. One or two colors and metals is more than enough. If you go beyond that, it can distract people from the entire look.

Make Your Maid of Honor Stand Out


If you decide to buy matching jewelry for all of your bridesmaids, make sure you pay some extra attention to the maid of honor. She should get a dress that is a bit different from the others, as well as more distinctive jewelry. Since the maid of honor is doing more for you, you can go with something more elegant and luxurious for your jewelry for her. However, make sure whatever you get doesn’t distract from your own gown and accessories.


One option is to get all the bridesmaids’ jewelry that is a complement to what you wear, while the maid of honor has something that matches your own look. For example, if you’re wearing a ruby wedding ring, you might consider getting the maid of drop earrings or a pendant necklace with the same gem.


Jewelry for friends has changed a lot since days when we had cheap fabric bracelets we exchanged in the schoolyard. However, getting someone the right piece can show your care for the person who receives it. Use the tips above to make sure your friends and bridesmaids know you appreciate everything they do for you.